First, you create a profile. Sharing more increases your chances. If there's one thing we'd recommend above all else, it's good quality photos that show you at your best.

You then create a date request which includes details such as when and where you'd like to meet, your budget, relationship type and what you're expecting from the date and in doing so, you remove all ambiguity which is a key aspect of paid dating.

Women see your request and once they indicate their interest, you can then see their profile and decide if you're interested in pursuing a date further, by chatting to them. Eva, our virtual chaperone introduces you both, clarifies the basic terms of the date offer and then leaves so you can chat privately to agree your date.

First, you create a profile. He's more likely to reciprocate your interest if your photos show you at your best.

You browse the date requests from men and if you see one that interests you, then reveal your profile to him so now you chat with each other. Eva, our virtual chaperone introduces you both, clarifies the basic terms of the date offer and then leaves so you can chat privately.

To become more comfortable with your potential date, you can request more photos (he can't send them unsolicited) and even request a phone call that doesn't reveal your phone number to him.

Want to feel completely relaxed on your date? Eva, our virtual chaperone can check you're feeling comfortable and give you the opportunity to reach out to your nominated chaperone contacts if you feel the need or, she'll even do that automatically if you become out of contact. You don't have to use Eva at all but why wouldn't you?

There's no escaping it, we're a busy society that seeks ever increasing levels of convenience and that applies to dating too!

Dating apps have improved the lives of many people however, they've fallen short of providng the convenience that many of us expect, and need.

Picture this! It's been a busy work week of long hours, late dinners and no social life. On Sunday afternoon you're still working but there's light at the end of the tunnel, you think you'll be done by 6pm. This was unexpected!

You'd like to use this one free evening to enjoy the company of a date so, at 6pm you think about your options.

You can go traditional. Find a bar, search for someone you are attracted to and try to get their attention through the offer of a drink or some good conversation. At some point you'll realise this was your lucky break and convince them to leave the bar with you and go for dinner then see what the night brings. Easy right?

You can play the Swipe 'n' Hope game. Fire up your favourite dating app, Swipe 'n' Like for an hour or two while hoping to get a match. An hour after you gave up swiping you get a lucky break. It's now 9pm and you're messaging your match to convince them to go on a date with you at 10pm, a nice restaurant somewhere, oh wait! You already ate because you assumed you'd be staying home.

Tappa gives you a new option, one that provides a level of convenience not offered by the above!

Human beings who want to date but don’t have the time to pursue and secure the arrangement of one, for the specific time slot they have available and, they want their intentions to be clearly understood.

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